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You can find abstracts from and links to my publications, projects under review or in revision, and working papers below.  Please visit my book page for information about my book, Governing for Revolution.




"Explaining Variation in Political Leadership by Marginalized Groups: Black Officeholding and 'Contraband Camps.'" [with Karin Kitchens]. Forthcoming at the Journal of Politics.


Appendix and replication materials.

"Foundations of the Vanguard: The Origins of Leftist Rebel Groups" 

European Journal of International Relations.

Appendix and replication materials.

"Social Transformation and Violence: Evidence from U.S. Reconstruction"  

Comparative Political Studies [with Karin Kitchens].

Appendix and replication materials.

*Read related media coverage at War on the Rocks and LSE's USAPP Blog

"Revisiting Opportunism in Civil Conflict: Natural Resource Extraction and Health Care Provision" 

Journal of Conflict Resolution [with Justin Conrad and Liana Reyes-Reardon].


"A Typology of Rebel Political Institutional Arrangements"

Journal of Conflict Resolution's Special Issue on Rebel Governance [with Zachariah Mampilly].

"Urban Concentration and Civil Wars: Population Distribution and Civil War Intensity" 

Journal of Conflict Resolution [with Dani Nedal and Michael Weintraub].

"Rebel Governance: Military Boon or Military Bust?"

Conflict Management and Peace Science.

Appendix and replication materials.

Secessionist Social Services Reduce the Public Costs of Civilian Killings: Experimental Evidence from the United States and United Kingdom”  

Research and Politics [with D.J. Flynn].

“Civil War as State Building: Strategic Governance in Civil War” 

International Organization.

Appendix and replication materials can be found here.

*Paper awarded honorable mention by APSA's Conflict Processes Section, 2016

*Read coverage on this work in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog

"Do Good Borders Make Good Rebels? Foreign Territorial Control and Civilian Casualties."

Journal of Politics [with Yu-Ming Liou].

Appendix and replication materials can be found here.

*Read coverage on this work in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog

“Mass Protests and the Resource Curse: The Politics of Demobilization in Rentier Autocracies”

Conflict Management and Peace Science [with Desh M. Girod and Meir Walters].

Appendix and replication materials can be found here.

In Review or Revision

"Revolution Reconsidered: An Alternative Approach to Understanding Social Revolution."

Working Papers

"The Republican Calendar and Labor Activism: Legacies of Revolution's Social Programs"

"War, Innovation and Gender." [With Claire Brunel]

"Two Sides of the Same Coin? Examining the Use of Terrorism by Governing Rebels.'' [with Sara M. Polo, Liana Eustacia Reyes, and Jessica Braithwaite]

In review
Working Papers

Greece, 2009.

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